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Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our breathing sessions.

"My partner, Thijs, and I recently followed a breathing session with Jeroen and Chris. What a special and impressive experience! Jeroen and Chris have created a nice, relaxed and safe setting where you can let all your emotions flow.

We were well guided from the moment we entered the room. And they keep a close eye on you afterwards and even in the days that follow.

A breathwork session at The Innerseed Developers is highly recommended if you are looking for depth and connection with yourself."

- Roos


Burnout, stress and illness currently dominate the lives of many people in our Western world. Many of us are unhappy and we have lost connection with ourselves, our environment and nature.

However, the world is evolving and self-awareness is increasing. We realize that we need to pay more attention to our health and mental well-being, both in our private and work lives. This requires you to reconnect with yourself and your life purpose. We can help you make that connection again through breathwork.


We strive for personal transformation by looking at a person from a holistic perspective. With breathwork you can heal traumas and release old beliefs, but we also stimulate self-love and the feeling of being one with everything. Through this personal transformation we help you develop the leader within yourself. A leader of your own life, someone who lives according to his/her own values, is aligned with his/her purpose and is connected to nature.


We provide breathwork sessions for individuals, duos and groups.

Our breathwork sessions are aimed at processing emotions and experiencing unconditional love for yourself.

We use the support of holistic practices such as visualization, ceremonial cacao and optional microdosing in our breathing sessions to make transformation more accessible.