About us

Hi! We are Jeroen and Chris.

A Dutch couple dedicated to creating change and transformation in the world.

We have been on a personal development mission for a few years now. From breathwork, meditation, yoga and ayahuasca ceremonies to coaching, reading countless books, taking master classes and experimenting with microdosing, we continue to find new ways to develop and grow as a person. This has had a huge effect on our lives and relationships. Loving yourself and opening your heart is the key to life.

In addition to discovering new theories on the streaming platform Gaia, our journey also led us to the personal development platform Mindvalley, created by Vishen Lakhiani. We both completed Mindvalley's 'Certified Business Coach' training in the summer of 2022. This gave us a whole new perspective on our inner and outer world, and also on the purpose of why we are here.

In 2023 we paid a lot of attention to learning and acquiring new knowledge. Jeroen certified as a Breathwork Professional through Kasper van der Meulen's breathwork program and Chris took a course specialized in burnout through Charlotte Labee to implement in the coaching programs. She also attended Charlotte Labee's 5-day Brain Energy retreat to learn more about energy and the chakras, and she started the Basic Yoga training at De Yogaschool in Enschede.

Our goal? We want to make everyone the leader of their own lives, by helping them reconnect with themselves.

With this goal in mind, we founded the InnerSeed Developers in January 2023. After a short period of coaching, we decided to focus on breathwork. We organize breathwork group sessions almost monthly in the Ruimte voor Balans (Voortsweg 204A) in Enschede. We also facilitate 1-on-1 and duo breathing sessions in Markelo.

Our company is inspired by changemakers such as Jay Shetty, Charlotte Labee, Kasper van der Meulen, Tony Robbins, Esther & Jerry Hicks, Jim Kwik, Marieke van Meijeren and Vishen Lakhiani. We are extremely grateful for these beautiful people and the knowledge they share!