Hi, I'm Jeroen, a certified breathing coach and crazy about growing (learning), something you wouldn't immediately think of me if you saw me in high school. But hey, I was also a different version of myself there and that system is in need of a bit of a change, don't you think?

My own adventure in personal development started about 8 years ago. I was in quite a bind myself and, to be honest, I was showing symptoms of overstress! Through migraine and panic attacks I received a clear signal that my body and mind were not in alignment!

A friend/colleague asked me to the Landmark Forum, and that's where the journey began 🚀: I discovered deep-rooted patterns from my past for the first time. I still see this program as the start of my development!

However, when my little man was born 6 years ago, everything accelerated. I realized for the first time that I could only really take good care of him if I started doing the same for myself.

Over the years I followed various programs and training such as WILDFIT®. As a result, I lost a lot of my excess fat, from 97kg to 77kg 💪, and skin complaints disappeared. I also came into contact with Mindvalley. Here I followed the 'Certified Business Coach' program. Reading became an increasingly important hobby and in September 2021 it was time for a retreat. With our Peugeot 108 I drove 2200km to Spain to do a five-day Ayahuasca Retreat, a mega experience in which I felt a deeper connection with 'something bigger'. It was precisely that experience that sparked my curiosity for ways to enter the deeper layers of the subconscious without needing plant medicine 🌵.

Before that I had already been in contact with breathwork by, whoever else, Wim Hof ​​💨. But after more depth I soon came to the term “Transformation Breathwork” through Brian Kelly of Breath Masters (Bali). It was through his guided breathwork that I first came into contact with its true power and energy. Bizarre!

I looked for a trainer in the Netherlands because I wanted a hands-on experience. As an IT professional, I had become very used to a keyboard that displayed exactly the letter on the screen that I pressed. Of course, this works a little differently for us humans and I had no experience with that yet.

Through my friend Google I came across my mentor and great source of inspiration Kasper van der Meulen. With him and 💜Team Breathwork Masterclass💜 I did the Level 1 and Level 2 Breathwork Certifications in 2023 and took the first steps to become a breathing coach.

My mission is to be part of a movement in healthcare where we exchange regular care and alternative care. Or at least large parts of it. By this I don't mean that you first go to a (breathing) coach if you have a broken leg or viral infection, but you do in much of the non-acute care, such as:
  • Stress & Anxiety complaints
  • Bad sleeping
  • Low energy
  • Bowel movement problems
  • (Mild) Pain complaints
  • Mood swings
  • Poor concentration
  • Muscle tensions
  • Headaches
  • Skin problems
Treating the symptoms with an ointment or medication from a pharmacy instead of tackling the underlying cause may now come to an end. Current treatment methods keep us sick. It is not “Health Care” but “Disease Care”.

At InnerSeed we look at you with a holistic view! Breathwork is an extremely powerful tool that we can use in different ways to optimize your life. It's our number 1 biological function and that's why we start there!

Are you ready? Let's Grow 🌱.